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Valentine’s Day

13 February, 2020

To me, Valentine’s Day is all about love – love for my husband, my children and most importantly – love for myself! As Lucille Ball once said “love yourself first, and everything falls into line” – I doubt truer words been spoken.

The commercialized ideal of that someone special sending you flowers and chocolates or surprising you with a romantic dinner is all well and good, but to be honest, I don’t know anyone over the age of 25 who actually receives or does this. Most of my friends (and their spouses) don’t believe in Valentine’s day, so they don’t acknowledge it at all and for a lot of people, it’s a day they dread. But why do so many people ignore and even dislike “the day of love” aka February 14?

If Valentine’s day IS a day for love then firstly we should be loving towards ourselves. Taking some time to acknowledge how awesome we are and treating ourselves to something special. This may take the form of relaxing meditation, a nice walk along the beach or perhaps indulging in a facial or massage. In some cases, possibly a little “treat-yo-self” jewellery purchase could be in order. This is where the jewellery-addict in me comes out to shine, as nothing says self-love to me like a little piece of sparkly jewellery.

This year, as we always do, my husband and I will swap Valentine’s day cards (if he remembers to buy me one) and I will pop a little note and chocolate hearts into my boy’s lunchboxes. Then, as I always do, I’m treating myself to some jewellery (a new charm) which I will post on Instagram over the next few days.

As we approach Valentine’s Day, I truly urge you to view it as a day of love – to be kind and loving to yourself and treat yourself to something special because you deserve it!

Until next time!
x C