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Part 3 – Wristwear

Bangles, locket bracelets, charm bracelets, tennis bracelets and beads – the more the merrier. The clanking sound of all those bangles and bracelets together make me smile with delight. An area that I am still working hard on building in my own collection, I love bracelets and currently have multiple wristwear items on my wishlist.

Here are my tips for building a great wristwear collection:


1. Bangle

If starting your collection – I would suggest starting with a great bangle.  A plain gold bangle is so feminine and stylish – they can be worn anywhere.  The thickness will depend on how comfortable you find the weight and course your budget.  A nice variation is adding a sprinkling of diamonds or gemstones but if that is not in your price range, a lovely plain gold bangle will be a solid investment to your collection.


2. Charm Style 

Everyone knows that I love love love a charm bracelet. I collected silver charms as a child and every birthday I would get a new one and would use my birthday money to buy more. The sky is really the limit with charm bracelets. If you’re a traveller, you may like to collect charms from destinations you have visited, or for an animal lover – different types of animals. The fashionista may collect little handbags or clothing items, the different options are endless and it’s just so much fun finding then adding them to your bracelet.

They make a beautiful gift for a Christening or first birthday and can then be added to each year.


3. Delicate chain bracelet

Often an outfit is finished with a fine bracelet on the wrist. This could include a small gemstone or diamond. A beautiful fine link bracelet adds to any collection and can be worn from day to night, I love my fine bracelet for work and rarely take it off. Again, there are so many different styles using all types of gold. A cute little disk or single gemstone is really cute or even a little initial is really wearable and adds a personal touch.


4. Gemstone bracelet

A gemstone style bracelet is a must for a well rounded wristwear collection, however, it wouldn’t be first on my list if starting out. The most common style would be a diamond tennis bracelet – they have always been very popular. I like them but wouldn’t say I love them – there are many that I have seen that I wouldn’t wear even though they are super expensive.

Like all jewellery, it comes down to personal style and taste. I have seen some fantastic styles with both diamond and gemstones that make a fabulously stylish statement. Another option for this category would be precious gemstone beads. Ruby, emerald, black diamond, spinel and sapphire beads come in different sizes and can make a beautiful addition for everyday or evening wear.


5. Locket bracelet or Name Plate bracelet

A classic locket bracelet definitely adds to any collection. Whether you have a traditional padlock with a curb link bracelet or maybe an engraved padlock with a gate link bracelet – there are many great options available. Personally, I love an antique style bracelet with a traditional padlock, however, I have seen many new styles with jewellers producing various versions of the “lock” and it adds an interesting element to a wristwear collection.

A name place bracelet or cuff is also a beautiful addition to a jewellery collection and makes a lovely gift for young children.