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Custom – handmade ‘everyday’ chain bracelet

This wishlist item is mulling around in my mind. Occasionally I do a little research, then get distracted and the idea is put on the ’back burner’. A while ago, I purchased a gorgeous oversized clasp with the idea that I would get a custom handmade bracelet to go with it. Although I know the weight I would like for the bracelet (approx. 30-35g) I am very undecided as to the actual link. I would like a clean, bold style link but I am unsure whether to get the links all the same size, or have a ‘connector’ size link to add some dimension to the style. One thing is for sure, I want to be able to add a nice heavy disk to the clasp as an option and for it to be an ‘every-day’ piece that I basically never take off. I am going to keep Pintresting ideas until I make up my mind and actually get it commissioned!