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Amulets and talismans

18 May, 2020

Am I the only person who is worried about getting “crocodile hands” with all of this handwashing and sanitizing? As a result, I haven’t been wearing my rings (only my thin wedding band) and am sure I’m keeping Aesop in business with all of the handcream I am using. With my rings on an “ISO holiday”, my other jewels are getting all of my attention.

I was asked late last year what I thought the 2020 jewellery trend would be. Without hesitation, my answer was “amulets and talismans”. Amulets are a small piece of jewellery worn to protect against evil, danger or disease and talismans are believed to enhance personal power. Both are quite relevant for our current environment.

I started building my amulet necklace a few years back and added my last two items earlier this year. Anyone who loves to collect charms (as I do) will have some form of protection piece in their collection. There are no rules for choosing your personal amulet or talisman – best to use your intuition. I have a combination of protection, luck and religious charms that I wear on a long necklace which I layer with shorter pieces.

Popular items for amulets and talismans are the the evil eye, Italian cornicello, horseshoe, various religious pendants including saint medallions, and of course the very popular Figa. Various gemstones such as black tourmaline and amethyst are also popular choices. My only suggestion would be to make sure you choose a good quality chain if you are planning on wearing multiple charms together.

In other news, I have been working from home so my ‘weekend studs’ are getting a good run and my party earrings are a hit with the work VC calls.

Hope you and your family are staying safe.

Until next time

x C