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Little cold feet

8 November, 2019

“My little cold feet”

It’s funny how some childhood memories stay with us forever. There are quite a few jewellery items that I remember adults wearing when I was young; a family friend’s charm bracelet, my aunt’s amethyst cocktail ring and my grandmother’s emerald wedding band.

Obviously, I have many memories of my mother’s jewellery, although I would not consider her a ‘jewellery’ person, and unlike me, she has always preferred white gold over yellow.

I have such a vivid memory of the signet ring with an ornate engraved letter “B” that she used to wear every day.

When I was little, my mother would sit my siblings and me on the bed while she put our shoes and socks on. We were always rushing to get ready – somehow her big signet ring would brush my cold feet when she was putting my socks on. “Ouch mum – your ring is hurting my feet” I would say. It is a memory that only I have – my brother and sister don’t remember this. Of course, she would have our shoes and socks on in seconds, and her signet ring would only hurt my feet for a second or two but it happened enough that I cannot see or think of that ring without the memory flooding back.

A while ago I wore my charm bracelet to work (I normally don’t as it make too much noise). A colleague smiled when he told me that when he was a young boy and his parents would go out, his mother would always wear her charm bracelet. One of the charms was a whistle and she would let him whistle it before she would go. He laughed at how patient she was, letting him whistle a little tune when she was all ready to leave.

I often wonder if my kids will have a memory about a specific piece of my jewellery – or will they just remember me balancing rings whilst taking photos for Instagram – LOL!

In any case, I love how these jewellery memories have stayed with me.

Until next time!

x C