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Happy NY 2020

15 January, 2020

They say, if you write it down it’s more likely to happen. Maybe that’s why in many workplaces, at the beginning of each year, formal “goals and objectives” are set for the following 12 months. Half-yearly there is a “check-in” with the final result being your bonus or promotion based on the year’s performance.

Some people write down personal goals for the year, and it may come as no surprise that I write down jewellery goals. Of course, at the end of each year, I don’t give myself a bonus but I do evaluate and critique my jewellery decisions and additions. One of my 2019 goals was to decide on a setting for my Australian sapphire and have a ring custom made – the result was outstanding so a big tick for me (and my fingers)! There were two other goals that have now been moved to the 2020 list and I will be thrilled if I am able to succeed in adding either item to my collection this year.

Of course, my jewellery goals are in addition to my ever-evolving “wishlist” which I am now posting on my website – my current top 5 jewellery favourites with details and links to the pieces. As I spend hours looking at jewellery on Instagram and different websites, I’m constantly falling in love and being captivated by new designs and new designers that I find and posting this wishlist is a wonderful way to share these finds with you.

So for 2020, in addition to adding more pieces to my personal collection, I am also aiming to release the next few pieces of my “Happy Tears” range as well as collaborating with some of my favourite designers in some exciting projects.

For all of us, I hope that 2020 is a healthy and exciting year, full of love, gold and gemstones!

Until next time!
x C