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Part 1 – Rings

If I could only wear one piece of jewellery for the rest of my life, it would be a ring. I am a total jewellery addict and yet have no trouble choosing rings as my favourite type of jewellery. Of course, if I REALLY could only wear one ring for the rest of my life (OMG #nightmare) – I would be lusting over necklaces, bracelets and earrings forever, but the bigger dilemma would be – which ring would I choose?

Over many years I have built my ring collection and love each piece. If I was starting over, here is what I would invest in and believe should be in every well-rounded collection:

1. Signet Ring

Hands down, my first investment would be a good quality signet ring. There are many different types of signet rings and it’s about finding the perfect one FOR YOU (that’s the fun part). I personally love a heavy gold signet that is engraved with initial/s or a family crest. Think of this piece as a true family heirloom – a piece that could be passed down generation to generation.

Whether the style is modern, vintage or antique, engraved or stoned, a signet ring can become your signature piece, so I would choose something that could be worn every day.


2. Cocktail Ring

For this piece, think big attention seeking, sparkling cocktail ring – does it get any better? Everyone needs a ring that comes out on ‘special occasions’, that definitely can’t be worn to work and that sparkles in the most magical way.

Cocktail rings are fun and flashy – when you see the perfect piece, you’ll know, as it will have a special appeal.


3. Pinky ring

I’m totally obsessed with pinky rings. My first investment was a chunky Russian wedding (pinky) ring that I still wear today. There are two types of pinky rings that I would recommend investing in – firstly, a thin band that could be worn with other rings. This could be a gemstone style eternity band or a plain gold stacking style band. The second type would be a statement style pinky ring. This could be a gemstone or a signet style (or combination of both) but I would recommend a bigger style that could easily be worn alone.

There is something regal and glamorous about a large pinky ring. They are definitely a statement and will draw attention when done right.


4. Dress ring

Most of the rings in my collection are what I would catergorise as “dress” rings. These are rings that are easy to wear, can be worn every day, often have a gemstone, are not overly flashy and are beautiful and simple in design.

If you fancy a specific gemstone, start your collection there. Another option I love is to have a ring made with your birthstone or the birthstone of a loved one. I’ve recently added aquamarine and amethyst rings to my collection which I will one day pass down to my nieces. Being my birthstone, aquamarines are one of my favourite stones and now that my niece and I share the same birthstone, I can add them to my collection “guilt-free” – well that’s what I’m telling myself!


5. Stacking Rings

There are so many different types of stacking rings – where to start? Worn singularly or stacked down to your knuckle, these rings offer so many style options.

I generally pack stackers when I travel as I like the versatility of swapping them around and they are quite understated.

When collecting stacking rings, play with different colour stones, band widths and textures. They also look great when you mix metals or have a combination of plain and gemstone rings. Please note that if you plan to stack multiple rings on the one finger, its best to go up slightly in ring size as they will be more comfortable to wear.

Thin stacking rings are also a great option for wearing whilst working out or for travelling on vacation.