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Part 4 – Necklaces

I’m a little scared to count how many necklaces I own yet I still don’t consider my collection complete.  The best part about collecting different necklaces is that they can usually be layered so you can wear more than one at once.  Also, they almost always fit!

Here are the pieces I would collect if starting out a necklace collection:


  1. Locket

Not everyone’s taste but I think everyone could find one to suit their style. I have a few lockets in different sizes and absolutely love them. Vintage or antique lockets are a classic look and often all that is needed for your outfit. I don’t put photos in mine but I know a lot of people do and they can add a very sentimental aspect to your jewellery.


2. An Initial necklace

EVERYONE needs an initial necklace – I’m totally obsessed with them and have various types. A small gold one is a great starting place and they can then be layered with different pieces. Larger letters either on a disk, tag or stand-alone are a great look and very popular.


3. Pearl necklace

Either a full peal necklace or a beautiful pearl drop will be worn over and over – no matter your age, this is an absolute investment piece. Like the pearl earrings, I think you will be surprised at how often you wear this piece and there are many different options if you feel like pearls are “not your thing”.


4. A Long chain / A Short chain

For a long chain, at least 55cm+ in length, I would recommend getting a slightly heavier chain.  They are perfect for adding all of your favourite charms and are a great option for layering. This longer length chain will be a jewellery staple as often you will find a smaller length chain won’t work with certain tops (think turtle neck sweater).

A chain that is approx 40cm is quite short on me and so I often wear one with silk shirts or t-shirts that come up to my collar bone.  I would go for either a really fine link or a heavier style that can be layered with a regular weighted necklace. The thick paperclip style necklace has become very popular and looks great at the shorter 40cm length.  I also love the ball chain in the shorter length or a fine initial necklace also works well.


5. Every day necklace / gemstone charm

For an ‘everyday’ necklace, I would recommend a length and weight that is comfortable and sturdy enough to be worn 24/7. For me, this is approx. 45-46cm and 1.3-1.5mm. At this length and weight, I can easily wear small disks or gemstone pendants without worrying they will break.

A belcher or trace chain is perfect for an everyday necklace and it’s worthwhile trying on a few different styles to see what length suits you best.