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Part 2 – Earrings

I wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierced as a child. My father was adamant and said, “you don’t need another hole in your head” (insert major eye roll here!). So of course, as soon as I was able to go by myself, I went and had them pierced and Dad didn’t notice for about a month… LOL Of course by the time he noticed – what could he do?. I’ve always loved earrings even though I don’t think I have great “lobes” – hence only having one piercing. I love earrings on all ages (from about six months).

Here are my tips for a ‘well-rounded’ earring collection:


1. Diamond Studs

In my opinion, these are a must for any collection. The simplicity and elegance of a diamond earring make them top the list for building any jewellery collection. They are “ageless” so can be worn from childhood to adulthood – however bigger is not necessarily better.

A larger size diamond (1.5ct+ each) is a definite status symbol and if your lobes can handle it they look AMAZING, however, this size is very expensive and if you have smaller earlobes they often don’t suit.

A medium-size diamond (0.5ct- 1ct) look great on just about everyone. An everyday size that can be worn 24/7, are reasonably affordable and complement other jewellery you are wearing.

A smaller size diamond (0.1ct – 0.4ct) are a great everyday size earring and are perfect for a second or third hole. The only negative with this size is they may get lost on a larger ear lobe.

Note: If you are known to lose an earring, may I suggest that you get screw backs for your diamond earrings.


2. Pearl Earrings

Everyone – no matter your skin tone or hair colour, looks good with a pearl earring. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them and believe they are a must for every collection – repeat – A MUST! With so many different styles, there is something for everyone – it’s just a matter of getting the right size for your lobe.

Sizes and styles range – I would start with a white pearl stud that covers 50% – 75% of your earlobe and build your collection from there. They are not overly expensive and if taken care of, will last a lifetime.

A pearl stud or drop can absolutely make any outfit – worn with a t-shirt and jeans, to work or on an evening out, you can’t go wrong. (However, probably wouldn’t wear them to the beach or gym).


3. Party Earrings

Everyone needs some fun in their jewellery box and often this comes in the form of earrings. I’ve heard people say “I love a simple outfit and big fun earrings” – who doesn’t? Personally though, they have to be light, as weighty earrings pull my ears and hurt after about 15 minutes.
Whether they are huge gemy disks, shiny gold chandelier earrings or long shoulder dusting delights, aim for “spectacular”, no rules apply and as they say – “go big or go home”.

Hoops – I’ve not given hoops a category of their own because although I love a good hoop and think they round out a collection, they aren’t for everyone.

For instance, my mum in hoops…. Ummm, no! However, J.Lo and Khloe Kardashian (24/7) in hoops – YES!
Being able to wear a small ear hugging hoop to the other extreme, a huge 2-inch hoop depends on your individual style and personality. Whether you feel comfortable or ridiculous is very much a personal decision and one only you can make.

I have several different sized hoops in my collection but mostly wear them when going out. It would depend on your workplace as to whether they would be appropriate for work and again on your own style and personality.


4. The Drop Earring

Extremely versatile, a drop style earring can go from brunch – to work – to dinner with ease.

I have two categories of ‘drop’ earrings – plain metal and gemstone. Both are important in any collection as they add that little bit of warmth and sparkle or that pop of colour.

Plain metal: My preference is the hook style because I find them very comfortable to wear and like the way hook earrings sit. I find them slightly dressier than studs and love them for weekends. I’ve found that most jewellers have a signature plain gold drop earring and I’m often drawn to them – hence a few being on my wish-list.

Gemstone: As you may be aware, I love coloured gemstones – in all types of jewellery. However, they can make an earring weighty so the size of the gemstone will depend on how heavy you like to go with earrings. Another point to consider is the colour – it’s important to make sure it doesn’t clash with your skin tone and is noticeable against your hair colour. My preference is a bezel set stone but I’ve also seen claw set earrings that are fabulous.


5. Stud Earrings

You can never have too many stud earrings…. Gemstone, gold balls, little initials, hearts, stars, disk, bars – the list goes on and on. Especially for young girls – they make the perfect birthday or Christmas present and if they are good quality, can be worn for a lifetime.

If you have multiple earring holes, you will need loads of studs in all different sizes and shapes
– though you will probably just ‘need’ loads of earrings of all types!


6. An earring for when you’re not wearing an earring

This may seem like an unusual category for building an earring collection – but trust me it’s essential.

Often an outfit will call for a large statement necklace and you won’t want to wear earrings because it’s just too much… but how can you leave the house without earrings right? So, you will need “an earring for when you’re not wearing an earring”.

A tiny speck of metal that covers your earring holes, makes you feel at ease that you haven’t left the house without earrings, doesn’t detract from your necklace and aren’t noticeable unless someone is really close to you. The best part of adding this piece to your collection is that they are not expensive and can be worn with a variety of statement necklaces (gold, silver, pearl and gemstone). Trust me, you will be surprised how often you wear them!