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Did you say custom

4 October, 2019

“My first custom piece “

Many moons ago, I started my first part-time job as a “check-out chick” at a local retail store. On my first or second week during my lunch break, I went to look in the window of my favourite jewellery store… and there it was!! The smallest yet widest Russian wedding ring I’d ever seen. I couldn’t help myself – I had to try it on.

At the time, I was 16 years old and had only been working for a couple of weeks. Into the boutique I go and ask if I could try the ring on. Guess what – it didn’t fit – it was too small! my hopes were momentarily dashed until the jeweller said “no problem, I can custom make one in your size”. Really?? – he would actually make another one to specifically fit me? My world felt like it opened. A new world where “custom made” was an option and I could have one made just for me!

So, I paid a small deposit on the spot and a month later with my first full pay from my first job, I bought my first custom made ring which I still own today, still wear and still love.

If you have never had a piece of jewellery custom made, I suggest that you save your pennies and experience the delight of owning a piece that has been created specifically for you. If you get the chance to be involved in the design process even better! Choosing a stone, talking through the width of the band, the style of the setting, the metal to be used, is such an interesting and exciting process, and there is nothing like the feeling of wearing your one of a kind, custom made jewel.

Most jewellers offer a custom-made service. My advice would be to find a jeweller who’s style and aesthetics attract you and get a quote – then let the fun begin!

Until next time!

x C