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Relax Lady

4 October, 2019

“Relax random lady on my bus – I’m not staring at you, I’m checking out your earrings!”

So here’s a little something I have to share with you – when I’m in transit on the way to work (public transport aka “the bus”- ugh!) there are three things I do.

1. Check out everyone’s jewellery 

2. Scroll through Instagram

3. Get major hair envy with all the women who have thick long hair and sometimes send pics to my hairdresser asking if it’s possible (the answer is always no)!

I know I should probably be doing something very grown-up like reading work emails – but no, I’m doing one of the above.

As I’m scanning my fellow passenger’s jewels, often I recognise the designers immediately – a silver Tiffany piece, a wide resin cuff or a well-known watch brand. Sometimes my attention is caught by the simple elegance of a pearl drop earring or fine gold chain and often there is that person who is wearing something uniquely special. The vintage gold earring or the detailed religious pendant, the bold modern cocktail ring or the wrist full of silver.

In my mind, I’m brave and I ask them if they got the piece for a special occasion, where it was purchased from, or how heavy is it… the child in me wants to ask for “a turn” but that would be next level weird right?

In reality, I often have all of this running through my head and forget that I’m still staring at the jewellery and making the person slightly uncomfortable. Last week, for example, a lady was sporting a pair of vintage-looking graduated gold ball, drop earrings. They were the most perfect buttery gold Pantone, looked feather-light and had an unusual hook clasp – one word – #divine. I got caught staring, copped a filthy look from her and had to go back to looking at my phone….. eek!

To all of the jewellery lovers out there – tell me I’m not alone in the people (aka jewellery) watching habit…

Until next time!

x C